Lamb Cuts

Buying Individual Cuts of Lamb

Frozen lamb cuts processed by Black Earth Meats

If you would rather purchase lamb occasionally, we have cuts available during the harvest season.  For our prices, we rely on the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, which publishes a monthly survey of retail prices for grass-fed lamb nationwide. We use the average price for grass-fed lamb.  The USDA survey is available here.
Under ” Lamb – Direct to Consumer (Retail)” on the left hand side of the page, the “Wtg Avg” column is the price we use.

Usually the first group of lambs reaches our target weight and goes to the butcher in the middle of October. Once we are regularly taking groups of lambs for processing, we usually have a full range of cuts on hand: whole and half legs, shanks, ground and stew chunks, and chops.  There are always organ meats such as kidneys, heart, and liver, and even testicles.

We also offer “Baa Brats,” bratwurst made from grass-fed mutton.  Each package has four pre-cooked brats, about 1 pound total.  The brats come in multiple seasonings including merguez, smoked, cajun, and Italian, in addition to traditional (plain) brats.  Also, we offer Landjaeger sausage (sticks) in one pound packages.

Our lamb cuts and sausage are available at the farm, or find us at the Monroe Street Farmers’ Market during the summer and the indoor MadWest Farmers’ Market in the winter.