Corriedale sheep for sale

If you are interested in a Corriedale that could enhance the genetics of your flock, we could have just the sheep for you.  Our flock is healthy, vaccinated, free of footrot, soremouth/ORF and tested OPP negative.  Our sheep are jacketed year round to keep their fleeces clean, and the lambs have been jacketed since birth.

Our lambing season is in April, and we always have a variety of ewe and ram lambs in white or rich dark colors, with sturdy legs, proper conformation and beautiful crimpy Corriedale fleeces. We can assemble a small starter flock for you of ewe lambs.  Depending on how many lambs we have available in any given year, we might even be able to provide an unrelated ram lamb with your starter flock.

We believe in allowing the lambs to stay with their mothers as long as possible, so we typically wean the lambs in late July or early August. Therefore your lambs will be ready to travel to their new home in September, but we encourage you to contact us earlier for the best selection. We also occasionally have adult ewes or rams for sale.

Above all, we want you to be happy with your purchase. We provide comprehensive records for each sheep, and follow-up support to help you manage your new addition or your new fiber flock.

Please get in touch with us by email or by using our contact form to find out more!

Lambs are coming...Lambs are coming…
...and they're going!… and they’re going!